Bi-Uni Cabrio Fahrrad

Material: ProtoFab Formula L1 Resin
Produktionstechnik: SLA 3D printing
Präzision: 0.01 mm

Lieferzeit: 3 Tage.
Kundenanspruch: Solide Bauweise, hochwertige Nachbearbeitung.

Project Background

We were contacted by the organizing committee of the 2017 Cross-Strait Industrial Design Awards with a request to provide professional prototype production for each of the competitors. With high-quality models produced for each of the products taking part, it would be much easier for them to show off their innovation and ingenious design.

Project Analysis

On receiving the client’s drawings and requirements our design team promptly began their analysis, assessing the feasibility of the project and discussing minor adjustments to the construction. Due to the complexity of the design, it was decided that using CNC machining would result in excessive material, equipment and labor costs, as well as being too time-consuming. Due to this, our team selected SLA 3D printing as the way forward for the project. Not only would this be significantly quicker than CNC, it would also make post-processing more straightforward. Below is the drawing the client sent us.



With such a complex design involving so many small parts, prior to printing it was necessary to divide the model up into sections which would be printed separately and then later assembled. Using software, we were able to optimize the assembly process and check for any potential issues with the design. The images above show the results of our computer analysis with the model divided into different sections, each signified by a different color.

Precition Finishing


Top Coat



Perfect Detailing

As 3D printing becomes more sophisticated, material science is also advancing in step and the number of possibilities keeps growing. If you’d like to learn more about the 3D printing solutions offered by ProtoFab and how they can be applied to different industries, or you have a project similar to the one described here, don’t hesitate to get in touch!