Flexa W

Flexa W: Polyproplyene-Like

Flexa W is a flexible plastic ideal for snap fit assemblies, vacuum casting master patterns, and for durable prototypes where it recreates the effect of molded polypropylene (PP). It is not only a highly flexible material, it also has good strength and is resistant to high humidity. By having a high degree of elongation but remaining robust and stable, this plastic is perfect for various forms of clip or snap fit products.


Flexible, High level of elongation, Durable, Very bright white, Easy to process and finish


Snap-fit parts and casings, Any durable prototype.

Flexa W material property table

Liquid properties

Viscosity503 cps@ 25°C (77°F)
Density1.13 g/cm³³ @ 25°C (77°F)

Optical properties

Ec7.0~8.1 mJ/cm2[critical exposure]
Dp0.14-0.16[slope of cure-depth vs. In(E) curve] [slope of cure-depth]
Dp0.14-0.16[slope of cure-depth vs. In(E) curve]

Mechanical Properties (90 Minutes UV Postcure)

ASTM MethodProperty DescriptionValue
ASTM D 638Tensile Modulus2531-2685 MPa
ASTM D 638Tensile Strength at Break43-60 MPa
ASTM D 638Elongation at Break7-11%
ASTM D 638 @66PSIASTMHeat Deflection Temperature64~77°C
ASTM D 790Flexural Strength72-78 Mpa
ASTM D 790Flexural Modulus2485-2560 Mpa
ASTM D 256Izod Impact (Notched)29-35 J/m
ASTM D 2240Hardness Shore D75~90

* These values may vary and depend on individual machine processing and post-curing practices.