ProtoFab’s advanced manufacturing solutions can be applied to a wide range of industries, including in car manufacturing, medical, dentistry, art, fashion, electronics, and footwear. In each of these cases, new manufacturing techniques are leading to revolutionary improvements in efficiency and convenience. ProtoFab is delighted to be at the forefront of progress in such a wide range of industries.


ProtoFab offers quality services for 3D printing in automotive industry. Our combination of 3D printing, CNC machines and injection molding technologies are useful to produce car parts & accessories.


The electronics industry is incredibly diverse and fast-changing, but ProtoFab is always able to adapt and provide you with exactly the service you need, whether it’s a short run of bold new prototypes or the advanced 3D printer that will take your capabilities to the next level


We are convinced: 3D printed footwear is the future! With ProtoFab Printers & Services, everyone has the potential to be a GameChanger.


3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping have significantly improved efficiency and reduced costs all over the medical industry. ProtoFab has extensive experience with the special rigors of producing medical equipment and models which have the potential to save lives!


3D Printers have revolutionized the industry! Print dental inserts on the spot, in less than an hour. Join ProtoFab today and become the GameChanger of your industry!

Art and Fashion

Art is Freedom. Freedom is Art. ProtoFab makes this become truer than ever. Produce incredible shapes that could never be produced using traditional methods.