Formula L1

This material is an excellent substitute for ABS in 3D printing. Its opaque white color resembles ABS closely, and its physical attributes make it suitable for almost any application.

Robusta G

Tough and Durable
Robusta G is an ultra-tough white plastic that is hard to break and can handle challenging builds. It acts as a replacement for CNC-machined polypropylene or ABS and is ideal for producing master models for vacuum casting.

Magna W120

Heat Resistant
The primary characteristic of Magna W120 is its strong resistance to heat (up to 90 degrees Celsius). It is also a highly robust material resistant to a wide range of substances, including solvents and oil.

Flexa W

Flexa W is a flexible plastic ideal for snap fit assemblies, vacuum casting master patterns, and for durable prototypes where it recreates the effect of molded polypropylene (PP).

Clara S

Clara S is a clear plastic with excellent resistance against humidity and moisture. Its key property is transparency, which sees it used in a range of applications including car headlights.