Robusta G

Robusta G: Tough and Durable

Robusta G is an ultra-tough white plastic that is hard to break and can handle challenging builds. It acts as a replacement for CNC-machined polypropylene or ABS and is ideal for producing master models for vacuum casting. It has all the benefits and convenience associated with Formula L1 but is significantly stronger, which opens up an additional range of uses.


Very strong and durable, Convenient to clean and finish, Highly detailed, Accurate.


Functional prototypes that need to be tough, Snap-fit models, Jigs and fixtures.

Robusta G material property table

Liquid properties

Viscosity430~530 cps@ 28°C (82.4°F)
Density1.13 g/cm³@ 25°C (77°F)

Optical properties

Ec7.5 mJ/cm2[critical exposure]
Dp0.152[slope of cure-depth
vs. In(E) curve]
Dp0.152[slope of cure-depth
vs. In(E) curve]

Mechanical Properties (90 Minutes UV Postcure)

ASTM MethodProperty DescriptionValue
ASTM D 638Tensile Modulus2840-3112 MPa
ASTM D 638Tensile Strength at Break58-66 MPa
ASTM D 638Elongation at Break4-8%
ASTM D 638 @66PSIASTMHeat Deflection Temperature75-90°C / 184-266°Cⱡ
ASTM D 790Flexural Strength60-80 Mpa
ASTM D 790Flexural Modulus2678-3188 Mpa
ASTM D 256Izod Impact (Notched)22~32 J/m
ASTM D 2240Hardness Shore D88

* These values may vary and depend on individual machine processing and post-curing practices.